Top Reasons Why Budget Travelers Must Visit Thailand

Traveling today is no longer a privilege to those with money laying around. Even for budget travelers there are so many destinations to choose from. Thailand is one of the most popular destinations among them. The exotic country have so many things to offer. And here are reasons why all budget travelers must include Thailand in their itinerary.

1. Everything is Cheap

Well obviously, this is the main reason why budget travelers love Thailand. From lodgings to food, Thailand have them all in affordable prices. It is easy to find cheap hotels and guesthouses offering great service. You can find inexpensive restaurants and cafes serving delectable Thai cuisine. Moreover, the street snacks are superb. You can even splurge yourself a little on shopping some nity souvenirs.

2. It’s Sunny All Year Round

Want to hit beaches? You are free to do it almost at any time in Thailand. December and May are the perfect season to visit Thailand. It’s dry season there, so you’ll enjoy plenty of sunlight. It’s the perfect season to visit exotic beaches in Phuket, such as Phi Phi Island and Nai Harn Beach. Definitely don’t miss your chance to explore the renowned James Bond Island.

Top Reasons Why Budget Travelers Must Visit Thailand

3. The People Are Generally Friendly

There’s a reason why they called Thailand as The Land of Smiles. Thai people are known to be friendly and will greet you with smile. They gets particularly excited when you show some interest in their culture. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn Thai greetings and basic Thai phrases will helps you a long way.

4. Thai Cuisine is The Best

You haven’t truly visit Thailand if you haven’t try its authentic Thai curry or slurping on authentic Thai tea. You might have tried some Thai cuisine back in your home country. But nothing beats the experience of eating the authentic ones. Thai cuisines are flavorful. You’ll get a perfect mix of sweet, tangy, and a bit of spice. Each city in Thailand offer different kinds of food. They are also inexpensive! Which is why you must include culinary adventure in your bucket list when visiting Thailand.

5. The Nightlife is Immersive and Glitzy

Know what’s the best thing about Thailand? It’s obviously its nightlife. The country provide any kinds of nightlife to its visitors. You can spend your entire night watching the controversial Simon Cabaret Show. Or you can splurge your money by hanging out at a karaoke bar with your friends. Backpackers usually flock to Khao San Road to interact with like-minded travelers. The district is also widely popular for its booze! Moreover, Thailand is also known to have some of the best LGBTQ-friendly nightlife.

6. The Temples Are Exotic

Do you know Thailand is home to over 40,000 Buddhist temples? Head to the city’s capital to discover Thailand’s most iconic temples. Hop to each province to discover the rest of these majestic wonders. Need some cheap tour and attraction tickets package to Thailand right away? Find your best travel deals in Metatrip.

Thailand Temples Exotic

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