Beating the Myeong-dong Subway Exit Crowd

Some parts of cities in Asia tend to get super-crowded during the weekends. The shopping area of Myeong-dong is no exception and is pretty much sardines-r-us on a Saturday. I could tell you to go and join the crowd and be a part of the ‘atmosphere’ but that would be just being cruel to you. This blog post gives you a quick tip on how to avoid the crowd and enjoy the area no matter how crowded it seems.

This video shows you how crowded Myeong-dong can get on a Saturday. Albeit seems a bit extreme and the Saturday I visited Myeong-dong was nowhere near this level of crowdedness:

So how do you avoid ending up a sardine?

Don’t go with the flow

Ok, so the obvious thing to do in any city, when you’re going someplace new is to go with the flow. Follow the locals? Follow everyone else? Everyone else knows where they are going, right?… Wrong. Another example of something that goes with the flow is dead fish. Which is what you will end up being if you attempt to follow everyone out of the station by taking the stairs at the exit to the left. Yes it looks like the right way to go since everyone else is going that way, including locals. Just don’t. Don’t follow the crowd.

Skin Food shop front

So how do you avoid that dratted crowd coming out of the station?

One thing I’ve noticed about crowds in major cities is that the flow of human traffic would rather pack into a tight corridor and squeeze, push and pull to get themselves through rather than walk 100 metres and cross the road. Which is exactly what you’re going to need to do. To avoid that dratted crowd squeezing up the stairs at Myeong-dong, just walk up the stairs to the right, turn left when you come out of the station and then walk about 70-100 metres (about 90 yards). You’ll come across a zebra crossing and a small group of like-minded individuals who didn’t want to crowd out of the station.

Myeong-dong is an awesome place to visit. Just don’t get caught up in the crowd.

The Face Shop shop front

Problem solved. So your next problem in Myeong-dong will be finding a coffee shop to sit down and get a brew.

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