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One of the first things that expats tell me that they worry about when moving to Singapore is their Children’s education. Fortunately Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world and every school’s language of instruction is English. So getting your children into a good school in Singapore is the easy half of the battle when moving to the island nation. Sometimes, however, you might need to call upon a tutor who knows the Singapore education system and can help to ease the transition process, into a Singapore school, for your child. Having a bit of extra help outside school is a very normal thing in Singapore and usually helps children feel more confident in School.

Most parents these days know that finding a tutor for their children in Singapore doesn’t need to be as much of an arduous task as it was in the past. There are lots of tuition companies and co-ordinators who have listed their services online and it has become the norm to go online and research on tutors that will best meet the needs for your children’s educational goals.

House Tutors is one of such sites ( As with other tuition sites on the internet, they list their tutors under various categories and make special mentions for teachers that are Ministry of Education (MOE) approved.


As you’d expect from a well designed tutor finding site, there’s a place for parents to post requests for the tuition that their children need and a platform for tutors to upload their profiles and add information that will help market their areas of expertise.
However, what’s interesting about House Tutors from Singapore is that they have a feature we’ve not seen on other private tutor sites in Singapore.

Tutor Pre-Screening

The feature that we found most interesting about House Tutor is that they allow parents to contact, chat and interact with tutors first, so that they can check them out personally and see if they are the right tutor for their children. We think this is brilliant because the parent is no longer relying on a tuition agency’s recommendation.

On the tutor’s side, House Tutor allows tutors to build a comprehensive portfolio by allowing them to fill out a detailed profile and post up all their educational certificates. This helps tutors stand out from the crowd.

What you can find on House Tutor

House Tutor provides tutor for 6 distinct categories:

  1. Primary Schools (All Subjects)
  2. Secondary Schools (All Subjects)
  3. Junior Colleges (JC) and Polytechnics.
  4. Special Education, including psychomotor training and home therapy.
  5. Arts, including drawing & painting, dance, singing, guitar, drums and piano lessons in Singapore.
  6. Coaches, for swimming and personal fitness.

You can visit them at

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