Puerto Princesa underground river in Palawan Philippines

While visiting Palawan in the Philippines, you may be tempted to spend your days tanning and relaxing at the beach. However, make sure to set aside some time to enjoy the natural wonders of the island province. Our favorite spot: the amazing Underground River near Puerto Princesa.

Just an hour and a half drive from downtown Puerto Princesa brings you to one of the recently awarded New 7 Wonders of Nature, the Puerto Princesa Underground River- a 5 mile long stretch of the Cabayugan River running through a cave and straight into the South China Sea. Once you reach the small town of Sabang, it’s a short 20 minute ferry ride over to the beach near the cave entrance where you can take a kayak tour on the river inside the cave.

When you first arrive to the beach, you are grouped up in the welcome center and fitted for life vests and helmets. Once you’re ready, you are boarded onto a kayak with your group to start your tour through the Underground River.

When you begin to enter the cave, the darkness starts to creep in and the brilliant light from outside disappears, but don’t fret. All of the boats are equipped with a spotlight to view all of the rock formations. stalactites and stalagmites. Once your eyes adjust, you really get a chance to appreciate the vastness and beauty of the cave within.

As the Underground River Tour progresses, the tour guide points out specific rock formations and structures that resemble everything from religious figures to exotic foods. There are wonderful sights to see and having a small flashlight can help you look around in areas where the spotlight isn’t focused. A word of advice though- When looking up, keep your mouth closed! Those little black dots on the ceiling are bats!

Before you know it, your tour is done. After riding through the cool cave, you’ll have an even better appreciation of the hot and beautiful white sand beaches of Palawan.

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