When North Korea Lets a Photographer In…

I know what you’re thinking. Yawn… Yet another foreign photographer goes to North Korea and is ‘allowed’ to take the usual set of pictures that we’ve seen countless times. Not this time.

Photographer Aram Pan from Singapore asked to go to North Korea to take some photographs. North Korea agreed and took him on a tour of the country which turned out to be less predictable than the propaganda we have been accustomed to seeing on TV and other media sources. It seems that they give him much more access and allowance than previous journalists who’d been allowed in the country had gotten before. In return, the rest of us are rewarded with his work. A stunning set of photos from the country most of us will never get to visit.

Popular online photography magazine THEME, caught up with him and he gave a candid and honest interview about his trip there, which can be read here: http://www.the.me/just-do-it-photographer-aram-pan-goes-to-north-korea-and-creates-virtual-360-panoramic-tour/

In his work, he can proudly say it is the world’s first set of 360 degree panoramas of North Korea.

You can check out his stunning 360 degree panoramas of North Korea at the DPRK 360 project: http://www.dprk360.com/

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