TIL: Tea is eaten in Myanmar

Today I learned that tea is not just consumed as a beverage in Myanmar, but it is also served as a food. Tea is massive across all Asian cultures; and it is interesting to see that I can never stop learning about the differences in Asian cultures from one country to another.

Lahpet is the Burmese word for ‘pickled tea leafs’ and Lahpet thohk is a very common dish in Myanmar that is made from pickled tea leaves. The picture for this blog post is an example of lahpet thohk.

Of interest

In ancient Myanmar, pickled tea leaves were used as a symbol of peace and given as an offering to rival kingdoms. It would usually be eaten after a dispute. It was still used even in colonial times in the civil courts to signify acceptance of a verdict.

Some more information about Lahpet can be found here:

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