6 iPhone Apps to Help You Learn Thai

Learn Thai Vocabulary – Gengo

Gets you started with 2000 words and phrases in Thai, with the option to listen to the word so you know how it is pronounced.

WorldNomads.com Thai Language Guide

WorldNomads.com Thai Language Guide, short lessons in Thai may not teach you the entire language but contains enough of the most common travel phrases to help you get by.

Learn Thai Pro

Learn Thai Pro is an easy to use mobile Thai Phrasebook that will give visitors to Thailand and those who are interested in learning to speak Thai a good start in the language.

Reading Thai

Reading Thai is the first app to give a complete introduction to the Thai script. If you want to actually start reading real words in Thai, then this is the app for you.

Talking Thai–English–Thai Dictionary

Whether you’re on a short trip to Thailand or studying the Thai language in-depth, this is the one dictionary you can really use. 100,000+ entries, crisp clear sounds for every Thai word, works without an internet connection and without any data charges, includes both pronunciation guides (12 different systems) and Thai Script.

MyWords – Learn Thai Vocabulary

Rapidly build your vocabulary and perfect your pronunciation! MyWords is a completely new way to quickly learn and remember 10 vocabulary words a day. The fast pace at which you will master new words, with proper pronunciation, will absolutely amaze your friends, colleagues, teachers and family.

(If you know of some more… be sure to share in the comments)

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