Introducing an Upcoming Talent in Japan – Alexandre Leconte

Imagine a Canadian becoming a massive hit in Japan?

Meet Alexandre Leconte. is always looking for talented expats across Asia who are making a name for themselves. We caught up with Alexandre Leconte who is currently working on a movie about Japan. (More details at his Facebook page here:


Alexandre Leconte is an actor and a new movie producer with many skills. He lives in Canada at the moment but has already become very popular in Japan, Tokyo and Yokohama.

Jokingly, Alexandre says he’s the only black man in his city to be able to speak, read and write Japanese correctly. He also knows some basic Chinese and desires to start learning Korean soon. Secretly, we think this man is very special.

With the help of his organisation Ookami Clan Productions, his first movie about Japanese culture is going to be realised in 2015. Alexandre says this is a free gift for people all over the world. “It’s a kind of a documentary movie”, he tells us.

“In the project, people will talk about many things like martial arts, Japanese movies, manga, how to cook Japanese food, calligraphy, how to learn Japanese easily, sexuality, Japanese legends and more.”

This will be Alexandre Leconte’s first great movie in Asia, and we surely think it won’t be his last. So we’ll be following him very closely and suggest you do too!

You can contact him via his Facebook Page:
And of course, his Website at:

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