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If there’s anything I love about living in Asia it is the accessibility of Japanese foodstuffs and the cute kitsch-y feel that they have. Whether it is a 135ml (4.5 Oz) can of Kirin Beer, or a box of Moomins candies you can be sure that Japanese foodstuff is definitely quirky but at the same time leaves a different and pleasant taste on your taste-buds. The Japanese have definitely got it locked down on quirky but special-feeling foodstuffs.

Here’s where Oyatstu Cafe, your Japan Export Store, comes in.

Noodles and Ramen

If you were ever a student, or live alone, you’ll know the importance of instant ramen. How can something so cheap, and so quick to make, be so tasty? Forget the fact that it probably doesn’t have many nutrients (those can be replaced with some good tinned fish from your nearest Daiso). Japanese ramen have to be one of the tastiest types of noodles there is out there and Nissin have been the #1 supplier on people’s minds ever since their Godzilla adverts in the 90s. Yes of course you can get Nissin cup noodles across the world, but can you get the kooky curry flavor, mega meat flavor or eccentric cheese-curry flavor? Oyatsu Cafe has those in stock for your Ramen craving tastebuds.

Canned Coffee!

Any self respecting Japanophile will know all about the Japanese vending machine culture. We shan’t mention the types of other things one can acquire from a vending machine in Japan, but we can say that canned coffee is a huge hit and the selection of coffees is huge. The thing I love most about Japanese coffee in a can is the fact that it tastes great just like freshly brewed coffee. I’ve no idea how the Japanese manage this; but I’m not complaining.

…and don’t forget the candies

Yes, you read it correctly in the image above. ‘Special Coffee Gum’ and it is exactly what it says on the packet. Targetted at those who are just too busy to make instant coffee (life in Tokyo is hectic) and even too busy to just grab an iced coffee from a vending machine, Coffee Gum is a hit when you just need to stay awake or just really can’t get enough of the taste of Boss Coffee. The Japanese are also famous for their meticulousness of wrapping individual gummy candies separately. Sometimes the candies look so good that you don’t really want to unwrap them but just want to put them in a bowl in your office and use them as decorations.


Part and parcel of Japanese culture is the bento box. This is especially popular with school children who take their packed lunch to school each day. The packed lunches are meticulously prepared by the mom of the house who is responsible for making sure that the children get a balanced, healthy meal. If you’re a salaryman lucky enough to be blessed with a Japanese housewife who prepares a bento for her husband too, you can enjoy a power bento each day with a bento box and some chopsticks from Oyatsu Cafe.

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