Sekrett Scilensce (アソシエイツ) – Freestyle music from Japan

Forget the manufactured, robotic and Hollywood sounds that you’re sick of. Freestyle music is back and it has some upgrades. The best news you wonder? For starters, NO AUTO-TUNE; something lurks behind the wall of scenes depicting simplicity in the Red Carpet land, and if you can, hear this song, “The Love Is Sound”; make peace with your mind, realize someone’s brought back the times – Are you in?

In this era of romance, we are digitally connected more than we are emotionally. Sekrett Scilensce (アソシエイツ) from Japan is bringing freestyle music back in the form of music, stories and poems. Check them out at

Sekrett Scilensce is an officially distributed line of MP3/e-reader products under the “Kuneo Koei” publishing trade. KuneoKoei

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