Singapore’s tasty Hawker Centres

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As with most major cities, its common knowledge that the best places to find top quality and tasty food are not necessarily the most expensive and Singapore is no different! The history of Singapore’s food is influenced by Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine. There are plenty of local foods stalls around which are known as “hawkers” and here you will find a section of the tastiest food Singapore has to offer. Whether you are after a curry, some noddle’s of something sweet, the hawker centres are where you need to head. Avoid the cheap restaurants that only offer a basic section of the same boring food you can find throughout the city and head to the stalls that will offer you so much flavour you’ll never want to eat anywhere else again. There are a number of hawker centres throughout Singapore,

Hokkien mee is a traditional Singapore dish of fried noodle dish comes with prawns and is a delicious blend of briny seafood, oil, noodles, a slight spritz of lime and some heat from chilli. You will be hard pushed trying to find it anywhere outside of Singapore. One place where you can get hold of some hokkien mee is at the Cuppage Food Court: A huge space with low-ceilings and plenty of stalls to choose from. Alongside your seafood noodles, why not grab a couple of spring rolls as a side and some freshly squeezed fruit juice? A meal like this will cost you around $5! Amazing value.

Another bargain place to dine is the food mecca the East Coast Lagoon Food Centre. Singapore is full of amazing scenery and here you can eat your food and enjoy this all at the same time. Sit outdoors and surround yourself with the palm trees and warm sun. The smell of burning wood and grilled meats fills the air and creates mouth-watering atmosphere. A great tip is to head to the satay house with the longest queue and you will not be disappointed with your meal. Enjoy barbecued skewers with marinated, tender meats are served with a tasty peanut sauce and mixed vegetables. Whether you’re in the mood for seafood, beef, pork, or chicken, you can enjoy them all here. You can get your hands on about eight meat skewers for $4 and then head out to the sandy outdoors area and soak up the lively atmosphere.

If you feel like working up an appetite before you buy your meal. Make your way to the Chinatown Complex Food Centre – the largest and oldest food centre around. There are literally hundreds of stalls to choose from and you can be walking for ages until you find what you want. A favourite with the locals is the beef or minced meat noodle soup. A large bowlful will set you back as little as $2 and is enough to fill you. If you want something a little more substantial, opt for the crispy roast duck and rice option for a dollar more. There are also plenty of stalls that sell desserts for only $1, like mochi balls, which are sweet, glutinous rice with a sweet paste in the middle, often served with a sweet sauce.

Singapore’s hawker centres are a way of life and have been around for decades. Entering a hawker centre, it is hard to control yourself when you are surrounded by the smells, sights, and sounds of food being prepared in so many ways. If you want to become a real Singapore Foodie, buy a copy of Makansutra, by K. F. Seetoh (Makansutra Publishing) at a local bookshop. Seetoh is the well-known local guru of hawker foods and has sniffed out the tastiest, most authentic local delicacies you can imagine.

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