On Orchard Road in Singapore? How About Charlie Brown Café for Lunch Today?

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road area, nearby to Somerset MRT station, Charlie Brown Café Singapore is an easily accessible and convenient place for a ‘mid-shopping’ recharge with the family or a casual and comforting lunch with friends. In a cosy atmosphere, it is perfect for an easy-going brunch or an afternoon lunch.

Kids Love It

With the friendly, cute and fun decor. Kids throughrougly the experience of visiting the café where they can eat alongside Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. The restaurant’s staff loves the company of children and will make your family feel welcome from the moment you enter the cafe. Kids will enjoy the range of fruit drinks such as Strawberry slushes and Mango Apple. Dad will enjoy the freshly made coffee with additional espresso shots. There are lots of photo opportunities at the café so that the kids can get their picture with Snoopy or any of the Peanuts crew to make the day a lasting memory.

Tip: Kids’ favorites are the pancakes!

Even bigger kids, like the Singapore Harley Davidson Club, Enjoy Lunch at Charlie Brown Café

Western Comfort Food

Even though Singapore boasts some of the best and ecclectic mixes of Asian food in the world, there might be days when you just need a ‘fix’ of comforting Western food and Charlie Brown Café is just the place to get that. On the menu, is a good collection of Western comfort foods such as pizzas, pastas, lasagne (kids favorite!), sides like mashed-potato and good old tasty chicken wings. There are also sandwiches available for a light bite. Breakfasts include American style all-day breakfasts, English breakfasts and a choice of American or French pancakes.

The sweet stuff is on the menu too: such as ice cream, freshly baked pastries and fruity pancakes with cream.

Tip: Check Charlie Brown Café’s website for daily deals and promotions.


A party of 2 to 4 adults and 3-4 kids are accomodatable in the café, yet a personal and cosy feel remains. The café has the character, which is often missing in cafes and restaurants along Orchard road, that will make you and your group feel at ease the moment you sit down. The relaxing and easy-going atmosphere will make your meal enjoyable and the time spend with your loved ones more valuable. Charlie Brown and Snoopy will be beside you to make sure you leave with your stomachs comfortable full and a smile across your faces.

Charlie Brown Café, Singapore is located at: 313@Somerset Mall, 313 Orchard Road, 238895 and is open Sun-Thu: 8am-11pm, Fri-Sat: 8am-12am.

You can book a reservation by calling: 6836 5344, or visit their website at: http://www.charliebrowncafe.com.sg/.

Be sure to add them on twitter at http://www.facebook.com/charliebrowncafe to check out any special deals and promotions that they might be having.

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