South Korea

Beating the Myeong-dong Subway Exit Crowd

Some parts of cities in Asia tend to get super-crowded during the weekends. The shopping area of Myeong-dong is no exception and is pretty much sardines-r-us on a Saturday. I could tell you to go and join the crowd and be a part of the ‘atmosphere’ but that would be just being cruel to you. This blog post gives you ...

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Korean Chaebols: Lotte. The Origin of the Lotte Name

For anyone who is familiar with South Korea they will definitely know about the role of the Chaebols in the country. The Lotte Group is the 6th largest of these with a turnover of around 40 trillion Korean Won. Lotte (롯데) is the leader and largest food/shopping/retail group out of the Chaebols. What many don’t know about though is the ...

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