Artist Vashti Zebadyah returns to Asia with tour of Korea, China and India with her new album Taglit-Discovery

Now based in ILsan, Korea, Artist Vashti Zebadyah is currently touring Asia, with performances in Korea, China and India. Check out her neo-folk, progressive rock styled take on an old classic in this short animated film featuring vocals by Vashti Zebadyah Knazze from her album Taglit-Discovery. The animation tells the Cinderella story with oriental styling and caricatures of the Knazze’s ...

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The ABU Radio Song Festival 2012 in Seoul Korea

The ABU Song Festival 2012, hosted last week in Seoul, Korea. The competition invites winners of national songwriting competitions from around Asia to compete in something of a ‘Eurovision Song Contest’ for Asia. This is definitely a plus for Asia’s up and coming talent in the music industry. Since KOA is based in Singapore, here’s a video of Singapore’s entry ...

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