When You Need Better Coffee – Check Out Luwaq Premium Coffee Subscriptions in Singapore

Luwaq.com is a premium coffee company from Singapore with a twist.

Whilst sitting around drinking coffee and brainstorming business models and startup ideas, a bunch of Singaporean entrepreneurs realized that the coffee they were drinking could be described as “so so” and the sophisticated coffee drinker in Asia needed something much more. Hence Luwaq.com was started as a website to deliver premium hand-picked, ready to brew, premium coffee in Singapore straight to your doorstep. The website aims to solve the problem of having stale processed coffee sitting around in the refrigerator for too long.

Kopi Luwak

The company’s prize offering seems to be their Kopi Luwak, which is the world’s most expensive coffee. To the uninitiated, the Indonesian word “Kopi Luwak” translates to “Civet Cat Coffee” in English and it is named so because of the unusual way in which the coffee is harvested. Civet cats enjoy the taste of coffee beans as much as anyone else, and they tend to eat the beans whole. The beans then travel through the civet cat’s digestive tract and are harvested when they “come out of the other side,” or “pooped out” to give more clarity to your imagination. Unconventional? Yes. However, according to coffee drinkers though it is no shitty cuppa!

Other offerings from the company are their robusta and arabica premium beans.

If you’re someone who loves their coffee and is looking for something much more than what local coffee houses can offer in Singapore, then their site is definitely worth checking out at http://www.luwaq.com/.