Philippines New Online Marketplace for Skilled Individuals

There’s a new online marketplace in The Philippines and it’s quickly gaining fame among netizens with special skills – and among those who need the services of such individuals. Established August 2013, aims to provide a special venue for serious sellers and buyers to interact and do business together.

myraket Philippines

How Does It Work?

Sellers can offer their services, skills, and talents to anyone interested for a minimum price of $5 up to $50.

To get stated, you can simply join the site and create your own account. Only after your email has been verified can you begin offering your services by creating a new job.

You can then spread the word and share this job on your favorite social media sites so that more people are aware about it. You might find potential clients that way.

You will usually get a notification once a customer orders your job. Finish the task according to the deadline you have indicated on the job (3 or 5 days, for example) and you will immediately receive the payment shortly thereafter!

How Do I Get Paid?

One great thing about is that you can be sure that you will be paid for your job. Besides, buyers will be asked to pay for your work (via Paypal or credit card) before the order is forwarded to you. However, you will only see the amount credited to your account after you have completed the job.

Simply put, you don’t have to worry about unscrupulous clients if you are using this website. All payments are guaranteed and will be sent to you in a secure manner. Actually, the buyer doesn’t even have to know your name. Everything is kept confidential and the only thing they’ll know about you is the information you have indicated in your profile.

What Services Can I Offer?

Now the answer to that question depends on your personal set of skills. If you will browse the website, you will see that there are different categories for you to choose from such as admin work, advertising, graphics and design, online marketing, programming, video and animation, writing and translation, and many more.

One user offered “My Raket is to create a cartoon of your picture for $5” while another posted “My Raket is to create a creative and organized Power Point presentation from your outline for $5.”

If you can design logos, write reviews, create flyers, do voice-overs, write songs, and anything else, then can be a wonderful resource where you can earn extra money during your free time.

To get started buying and selling, check out at the following address:

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