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  • Did you hear about the new nasi lemak store near block 230?
  • Are you coming to the flea market at SCAPE on Saturday?
  • Where are you watching the Euro 2012 opening match in Hougang?

A new hyper-localized social-networking app named SgKakis is in town, aimed at localizing the social networks in Singapore. The site is geared towards the local community in Singapore and aims to hook up buddies, make the neighborhood a friendly place again and revive the ‘kampong spirit’ online.

Taken from a mishmash of Malay and Hokkien (Chinese) words the word ‘Kaki’ has evolved into a single word meaning ‘buddies.’ Through SgKakis, users can find a ‘soccer kaki’ for watching football with, a ‘shopping kaki’ or even a ‘makan kaki’ (makan meaning food).

Fadz, the owner of the site, has launched the website with a few local buddies. The site is membership only as to not dilute the ‘local’ feel to the conversations. However, he does encourage foreigners living in Singapore to come and join the network and learn more about the island state’s localized customs and activities. “Basically SgKakis is for anyone in Singapore to discuss local issues and make friends along the way,” says Fadz.

There are premium services too, such as private groups and being able to invite selected friends only.

“I made this site to be Singapore’s own Social Networking Portal. I’ve tested the site with a few local buddies and they are happy to join a network where they can discuss issues related to living in Singapore rather than be bombarded with non-localized content that is not relevant to them. In time, to Singaporeans, SgKakis will become more relevant than other social networks,” claims Fadz.

For now, if you live in Singapore and want to connect with friends and chat about localized issues, you can check out the site at

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