Dine Mates is a site for Asian food lovers!

I want to introduce you to Dine Mates – a free food social network! People are sharing their dining experiences, showing off the food they’ve cooked, and organizing events throughout Asia to meet other travelers over lunch or dinner.

Asia has always been a very mysterious and intriguing place for many Westerners. Over the years with the free flow of information from the Internet, people around the world are beginning to get more information about Asia. This has definitely makes an average person feels a little bit more comfortable in visiting the desired Asian countries of his or her choice.

Traveling should be fun, but sometimes the experiences shared by tourists are not always positive. Tales about shady business practices and unethical dealings have always been a major issue with tourism in Asian countries from retail shopping to restaurants. DineMates.com is a determined food and travel community aiming to minimize this problem and help people create international and long lasting friendships.

So what is Dine Mates really about? It is a social networking site focusing on Asian food culture allowing fellow foodies to share pictures, videos, blog about their experiences, and connect online and in person over meals or drinks. The idea was born when it’s creator who is a regular traveler found it difficult to get access to the “best kept secret” places by the locals. He tried connecting with people from different social networking sites but it was difficult to find people with similar interests… GREAT FOOD!

After years of traveling and meeting a few locals and ex-pats in Asia he decided to take his passion for food and adventure a step further, so he created DineMates.com with the goal of getting a large community of people that are interested in food. People can meet and guide others to great dining and drinking locations.

“I know there are people who are passionate about their country, culture, and food, and they love meeting and introducing foreigners to their local delicacies! Living in Asia, I am one of them. Anybody can go to big restaurants or road side food stalls, but true experience begins once you go off the beaten path to a small family owned shop with food that makes your taste buds tingle!” says the DineMates.com founder.

For food fanatics, fast food is a big ‘no no’ and healthy local meals remains to be the trend. Compared to most Western cultures, eating is a big part of life in Asia and meals are usually shared between a group of people making it a social event. The majority of people in Asia are proud of their food culture and love showing off their knowledge, cooking, and exposing new travelers to their favorite dishes. So I recommend visiting Dine Mates because the site brings people together to learn about different food through out the world and get a grasp on local culture when they travel and meet up. All one needs is an awesome and exotic meal introduced by the locals and that will definitely give you a memory that will last a lifetime.

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